Mentoring Viable Prospects Trip (Atlanta, GA)

I would like to thank all of the people who are involved in the MVP tournament group. You all have gave me a good opportunity and good experience to play the game that I love in a different state and with different kinds of players that are just like me. I have lots of respect for everyone of the coaches that ran the tournament this weekend. You all are very helpful and I appreciate that a lot. Not everyone can do what you all did and give back to the kids that play the game that you all loved to play when you were our age. Once again. Thank You!!

L. Rodriguez 17'

his experience was very well worth the time. I got to experience not just minority baseball players but really competitive minority baseball players. This experience opened my eyes and made me find out who I am, and why I’m doing this. This weekend made me find out how much I love baseball! Playing against other players like me or better was a tremendous experience. I’d love to have this opportunity again, and I will talk about this trip to all of my friends that stay home all summer. The best tournament I’ve every played in! Thank you coach! I had a blast!

I Rodriguez 17'

This weekend taught me a lot. I learned a lot about getting to the next level. I believe my favorite part was the lesson we learned about finding out who we truly are. It was a point I can use in baseball and in life. I also enjoyed playing some of the best players in the nation. It was good to play such good competition in a relaxed environment.

C Rucker 17'

MVP was very eye opening to me in many different ways. The competition, the life lessons that you learn, and the learning how to uses team skills and bonding skills in a very short amount of time to complete a end goal. Clarence Johns and Reggie Jefferson had spoke about the everlasting fight in order to accomplish a goal and always having to keep fighting off that third strike in order to achieve the goal you are seeking to reach. I am very thankful for the opportunity MVP has given to me. It will be an ever lasting memory that I can share with my friends and later on with my kids. Lastly Coach Maleke and Coach Chip taught us that character takes you everywhere and without good character you wont go anywhere.

E Kellman 17'

This weekend I had a lot of fun, made new friends, and learn a lot that will help me out in the future. I also learned the importance of keeping my grades up as high as I can so when it comes down to the colleges making a decision, I will be the one they choose. Thanks for the opportunity Coach Chip

M James 17'

Participating in the MVP tournament/showcase was a great experience. I had the opportunity to showcase my talent in front of many college and MLB scouts, which not many people get the chance to do. It was also a great bonding experience with the team on and off of the field. I got the chance to learn from former big leaguers and MLB scouts about the recruiting process and how hard work can get you through it. I wish I come back another year but unfortunately I will be in college and won’t have a chance to experience it once more but it was a great time in Atlanta.

Jarred Cande 17'

This whole experience was surreal to me. I had a great time playing against great competition, talking baseball with the coaches, and learning more about the game. It was a learning experience. Everything from catching the bus and playing after a long ride, to being in a hotel with multiple players will prepare us for what it will be like in college and pro ball if we are fortunate enough. Thanks for allowing me to learn and have a great time with a great group of guys.

C. Rucker 16'

My weekend has been really helpful for me. I appreciate all of the time and effort the coaches spent on this trip to help me with my development and dream of playing at the next level. Orlando Hudson made me realize that no matter what I do or what will happen, to continue to work hard and never slack off. Most importantly to stay humble about my success.

B. Fleming 16'

I want to thank PYF for this wonderful opportunity and life changing experience. in this short amount of time time I learned more about baseball than I have this entire summer. I want to say THANK YOU!

Z. Roland 16'

I had a lot of fun on this trip. I was really PRO on many levels. Seeing all of the scouts behind the plate was motivation to me. The banquet took it to another level. All i have to say is Thank You!

K Bautista 16'

Being on this trip was a great experience. I had a opportunity to play in front to play in front of multiple scouts and participate in an event that many player do not get to experience.

J Cande 16'

This experience inspired me to work harder than I already am because it showed me the level of play I am going up against to make it to the next level.

C Brody 16'